Terms & Conditions

Definitions in these Terms and Conditions:

“Client” - this means the individual who is purchasing, undertaking or offering to buy goods from Janus Fashion.

“JF” - means Janus Fashion.

“Goods” - means all the products supplied by Janus Fashion. 


1. Ordering

The Terms and Conditions apply to all of the products supplied by us. This includes products that are in our normal stock (“Standard Collection”), as well as products and/or services that are not included in these standard collections and/or are made to the clients specification/order (“Bespoke Products and/or Services”). Our standard products and/or our bespoke products or services are collectively going to be referred to as “goods” in these Terms and Conditions. 

The full procedure of attaining a bespoke product and/or service by JF is laid out and explained on our website under the page “Bespoke”. 

The client may place order for our goods via telephone, e-mail, website’s contact page, and our social media. Any order placed for our goods are subject to these Terms and Conditions. 


2. Basis of Purchase

2.1 When placing an order with us, via any of the methods previously set out in clause 1, the client understands and warrants that they are legally capable of entering into binding contracts and that the client is at least 18 years old. 

2.2 Following an order of any goods, the client will:

  1. i) if ordered via our website, receive an automated confirmation of the order.
  2. ii) for bespoke goods and/or services, an agreement will be formed with a specification between JF and the client. 

iii) for any other order, a confirmation of the clients order can be provided and only will be provided upon request by the client. In other cases, the order is fulfilled based on these Terms and Conditions. 

2.3 The delivery times for our goods are estimated and we will do our best to deliver the goods to our clients by the estimated times that we provide. 

  1. i) for bespoke goods and/or services, we will deliver the goods upon the agreed date by us and our clients after a specification has been made. 
  2. ii) for standard goods we will dispatch them within seven (7) working days, but there is no guarantee of this. 

Should a situation arise where we delay beyond our anticipated times (e.g. our stock runs out), we will look to contact the client as soon as possible in order to communicate to them the new expected delivery date and/or come to an agreement for any other alternate options with the client. 


3. Orders and Specifications

3.1 All orders are only deemed to be accepted by JF when a formal written order confirmation has been received or in the form of goods being dispatched. Any contract between us and the client will only be formed when we accept the order and will only relate to those goods whose orders we accepted. 

3.2 In the event that the client is looking to have a bespoke goods and/or service provided, then the client accepts that JF has no liability in situations where; 

  1. i) the client has provided inexact/incorrect specifications that are either imprecise, mistaken or misleading to JF. 
  2. ii) the client orders a bespoke outfit which is being designed and made on their behalf, and using our measurement chart (that will be supplied to them), fails to complete said chart correctly, providing incorrect measurements. 

3.3 Any form of specifications or designs that have been either supplied by the client or anything specifically produced by JF shall remain the exclusive property of JF in relation to any goods together with copyright, design rights and other intellectual property rights. The client will also agree to compensate us for any losses, damages and other costs or expenses that JF might face due to any infringement of third party intellectual property rights or other proprietary rights that have resulted from the specifications, measurements or designs supplied by the client. 

3.4 JF shall not be liable in respect of any alleged defect in the goods as a result of specifications made by the client against the advice of JF. 


4. Prices & Payment

4.1  All the prices of our goods will be as quoted on our website. In certain occasions, on our printed materials (e.g. posters/leaflets) and on labels on the goods themselves, except in the cases of obvious error. If there are additional costs with your order for any goods or services, then these costs will be confirmed to the client at the same time we confirm your whole order and the contract between us. JF reserves the rights to charge correct prices for goods that have been incorrectly published in any marketing materials including printed or electronic or all other forms of media. 

4.2 All prices include VAT but do not include dispatch charges. Postage must be added to the total amount of your order. Prices vary between UK, EU and International postage and will be shown upon checkout on the website or agreed upon by JF and the client in cases of bespoke services/agreements. 

4.3 Payment to JF must be sent and received in advance of postage and delivery unless very specific credit arrangements are agreed upon in writing between JF and the client. In these cases, JF will be entitled to invoice for the goods upon dispatch or agreed delivery. For bespoke goods and/or services which includes any form of dress creation, a deposit of 50% may be required before any form of production can begin. This deposit is payable upon agreement and confirmation of the order by us and the client. In the event that payment is not made by the agreed upon due date, JF reserves the right to:

  1. i) withhold the delivery of goods. 
  2. ii) require advanced payment on any goods ordered 

iii) charge interest if deemed necessary or appropriate on the amount which has not been paid. 

4.4 When returning goods to us:

  1. i) a bespoke contract cannot be cancelled after it has been agreed on by both JF and the client and a deposit has been paid. The client can always change their mind during the period of time where the specification is being decided but when the contract begins, JF will use the clients deposit to purchase materials and start production. 
  2. ii) for another reason (e.g. goods are defective), we will examine the returned goods and within a reasonable amount of time will look to get back to the client to notify them of the potential refund. We will then look to process the refund as soon as possible and within fourteen (14) days we will confirm to the client that they have been entitled to a refund for the goods. These goods returned to JF due to a defect, will be refunded in full, including a refund of delivery charges for the original order going to the client and also the cost incurred by you in returning the item back to JF.

iii) in a situation where the client believes that a bespoke product is in need of changes or alterations, please discuss this directly with us as soon as possible. Typically, the bespoke item will undergo alterations during the process in the form of fittings so the final product should come out correct. In other cases, this must be discussed directly with JF. 

4.5 JF typically accepts payments in pound sterling (GBP£). Payment can be made either by cash, bank transfer, paypal, or selected credit cards which are listed on the checkout in our store. By arrangement, it’s possible for payments to be made in other currencies but cannot be promised, the client will have to get into contact with JF directly with this query. 


5. Consumer Cancellation Rights 

5.1 A bespoke contract cannot be cancelled after it has been agreed on by both JF and the client, and a deposit has been paid. The client can always change their mind during the period of time where the specification is being decided which requires the client to notify us in written form. When the contract begins, JF will use the clients deposit to purchase materials and start production and therefore will not be able to be cancelled.

5.2 Should the client wish to cancel a standard product order that has been made via the website, they must get into contact with JF via written form as soon as possible. 


6. Delivery

6.1 Delivery of all goods shall be made by JF to the client. This will either be done by posting the goods to the client, by courier or other suitable method of transport. Goods can also be collected from our workshop by appointment, as notified by JF. 

6.2 Any dates that have been quoted for delivery of goods have been estimated and therefore JF will not be liable for any delay in delivery however it may have been caused. 

6.3 Any charges relating to import tax, duty or customs clearance of goods into a country designated by the client shall be paid for and arranged by the client. JF reserves the rights to not deliver goods to a specific country that could be designated by the client. 

6.4 If a delivery of goods has been rejected by the client for any reason, JF reserves the right to charge a fee for returning the goods back to JF or to have them sent again. 

6.5 JF must be notified of any shipments which could have potentially been tampered with or have goods missing from within 48 hours of receipt of delivery. Until this type of situation is resolved, the client must keep all packaging and documentation relating to the issue. 


7. Warranties and Liabilities

7.1 JF will be under no liability with respect to any defect arising from any form of fair wear and tear, the clients negligence, un-intended/abnormal working conditions, misuse, wilful damage, failure to follow JF’s instructions of use, or alterations/repairs done by the client. 

7.2 No warranty is given by JF in situations where the client deems the goods to be fit for an unintended purpose as it’s the client's responsibility to ensure that the goods are suitable for them.