Shipping & Returns

Our items are shipped safely and quickly by The Royal Mail postage service within the UK.

Each order normally takes up to 5 days to process. We value reliable and safe deliveries for our products to ensure our customers receive their items in prime condition by using the best options available, all TO SIGN FOR. 

For International deliveries, couriers and times will differ, as we look to always select the optimal service for the country of destination. 




UK First Class 2 days.
Second Class 3-5 days.

Europe 2-5 days.
International 2-5 days.


 *International times may sometimes vary, depending on the provider and country of destination but generally, they should remain very close to the information provided above. 

*Furthermore, we will be unable to ship items for which we have not received a receipt of payment.

Complaints & Returns

At Janus Fashion, we place great importance on the quality and durability of our products. Nevertheless, if you do have a complaint regarding a product, or wish to return it for other reasons, you can always look to get into contact with us and we will look to solve the issue to the best of our ability and hopefully leave you happy and satisfied. Please message us with a short description of your complaint/inquiry and we will look to reply to you as soon as possible and provide a fast and straightforward solution to your problem.