Sizing Information

 Size guide

Need help figuring out the sizing for the perfect fit?

No problem, we're here to help! Below you will find some charts that will explain how big each size really is. Just look for the category that corresponds to the product you are interested in. 


The Juvenile sections are all categorised in Ages. Below are the graphs that show the measurements for each age category. Double check if the age of the child matches the measurements, sometimes kids just grow up slower or faster than expected so it might be that they in a lower or higher category than their actual age. 

Juvenile Dresses 

AGE 5/6 7/8 9/10 11/12
CHEST 60cm 65cm 71cm 77cm
WAIST 56cm 59cm 62cm 64cm
HIPS 63cm 70cm 76cm 83cm

 Juvenile Boys Tops 

AGE 5/6 7/8 9/10 11/12
CHEST 60cm 66cm 72cm 78cm
WAIST 57cm 61cm 65cm 69cm
HIPS 63cm 75cm 78cm 81cm

Juvenile Boys Trousers 

AGE 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
WAIST 58cm 60cm 61cm 63cm 65cm 67cm 69cm
HIP 64cm 67cm 70cm 73cm 76cm 79cm 82cm
INSIDE LEG 52cm 55cm 59cm 61cm 65cm 68cm 71cm


The Junior & Adults products are done primarily in standard S, M, L categories. Below are, again, graphs that give detailed measurements of each category so double check which size corresponds to you. 

The Gents Trousers are done in waist inches. As with everything else, the full graph with detailed measurements is below. 

Junior & Adult Ladies 

CHEST 76cm 80cm 84cm 90cm 97cm 101cm
WAIST 55cm 58cm 63cm 70cm 77cm 82cm
HIPS 82cm 86cm 93cm 97cm 104cm 109cm

Junior & Adult Gents Tops 

CHEST 72cm 80cm 91cm 96-101cm 101-106cm 106-112cm
WAIST 58cm 66cm 71cm 76-81cm 81-86cm 86-91cm
HIPS 84cm 87cm 91cm 96-101cm 101-106cm 106-112cm

Junior & Adult Gents Trousers 

SIZE 28" 30" 32" 34" 36" 38" 40" 42"
WAIST 64cm 67cm 70cm 73cm 76cm 81cm 86cm 91cm
HIP 87cm 90cm 93cm 96cm 99cm 104cm 109cm 114cm
UN-FINISHED HEM 90cm 90cm 90cm 90cm 96cm 96cm 96cm 96cm